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Applying to Graduate Degree Programs
at Indiana University

Application Forms

To apply for all IUB graduate degree programs except the MBA and JD:

Apply Now!

Complete these applications if applying to the following programs (Bloomington campus):


  1. This application can be completed for both United States and Non-U.S. Citizens.
  2. The application fee is $55 for domestic students and $65 for international students.
  3. The ONLINE application fee must be paid via credit card. Applications are not reviewed until the fee is paid.
  4. Questions about the online application, deadlines and application fee should be directed to:
    University Graduate School
    Kirkwood Hall 111
    Indiana University
    Bloomington, Indiana 47405
    Phone: 812-855-8853
  5. Questions about admission decisions and written parts of your application should be addressed to the graduate degree programs you are applying for. Contact information for departments may be found on our graduate degree programs list. Note: Admission decisions are made by the specific graduate program, which also has the responsibility for informing applicants of decisions.

International Applications

International students may apply online just like domestic students.

To use a paper application . . .

International students who have not previously attended Indiana University and are applying by means of a paper application form to a program on the Bloomington campus are required to use special forms available from the Office of International Admissions.

Office of International Admissions
Indiana University
300 North Jordan
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
telephone: 812-855-4306

For questions regarding topics other than your application...

Office of International Services
Franklin Hall 306
Indiana University
Bloomington, Indiana 47405
telephone: 812-855-9086
College of Arts and Science's Resources for International Graduate Students

Non-degree Applicants

If you have a BA and wish to study on a non-degree basis without necessaily concentrating in a single department, you can be admitted as a continuing non-degree student on the Bloomington campus. Contact Jody Smith (812-855-8853) at the University Graduate School if you have futher questions.

If you have general questions about applying for graduate school at IU, please contact UGS at (812-855-8853) or